Friday, February 25, 2011

so i am SUPPOSED to be doing my art major since i have to hand in what i have done in about two days, which is very little...
but all i can do is blog and think of new things i want to be doing with my life.
as all three followers i have (sad; follow me popele!), may have noticed that i like change...
dont really know why but who cares, its a good thing right?

I really want to just finish school people!
I can not wait till all my majors are done and i am outta here baby!
i want change in scenery, people.. everything really. dont get me wrong their are some poeple in my life that i just couldn't live without, but then there's the ones that i would say are "bleh and time consuming for all the negative reasons"
anyway.. till next time i come bloggin'

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